Our mission

From Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economy and Charles Eisenstein’s story of Interbeing to Katherine Trebeck’s theories on Wellbeing Economics: the blueprint for a just, social and ecologically sound economy has already been created. All we have to do is spread these game changing theories and enable people to put them into practice. That is where we come in. 

After creating over a hundred video portraits featuring Dutch purposeful entrepreneurs and professionals for the Dutch inspiration platform MaatschapWij, we – Kees Klomp, Bart-Jan Prins and Jeppe van Pruissen, joining hands with Shinta Oosterwaal – want to take things to the next level. For our new initiative Purpose Minds, we feature the international thinkers and visionaries of the purpose economy in what we call ‘video lectures’.

Education platform
Purpose Minds is an international purpose economy education platform. We want to enable both professionals and students from all over the world to learn from the great minds out there and put their thinking into practice. 

We have the skills and network to make this happen. Many Purpose Minds have already confirmed that they would love to participate.

Free education for students
In addition, we want to enable students to gain access to the stories of the Purpose Minds – who are without a shadow of a doubt the ultimate guest lecturers. Therefore, we will offer the entire curriculum of 52 stories for free to all universities (of applied science) who are interested.

Partners in Purpose
Our Partners in Purpose make all this happen. Therefore, we’re looking for 40 companies who want to become our Partner in Purpose and sponsor us for 5.000 euros per year. 

What’s in it for you as a partner?
In return, on a weekly basis, each Partner in Purpose will receive a brand new video lecture of around 15 minutes, an educational long read and a practical exercise. This means 52 stories of 52 Purpose Minds per year, which comes down to less than 100 euros per story per partner. In addition, our Partners in Purpose will gain access to tailored tools and advice to enable them to put the theories into practice and further educate themselves on the purpose economy.

Together we CAN make a difference
Does this sound good to you? And do you know or are you a company that might be interested in becoming our Partner in Purpose? Please get in touch: hello@purposeminds.org

Launching partner: Circl
Starting with an ambition like we did, brought us in a chicken-and-egg situation. The concept has to proof itself before partners are willing to step in. On the other hand we needed leverage, a testing environment and a bit of budget to start off. The wonderful people at Circl fully understood our intentions and made magic happen. We are grateful for Circl to be our launching partner.

May 2021 – Launch of the first Purpose Mind video lecture
Mid May we launched the first video lecture on the Circl online platform. This video lecture is the first in a pilot serie of five. This pilot enables us to test the concept and format, to fine-tune the co-creation process with experts in education so to guarantee didactics.